Joining Quigley Eye Specialists

Practice Sale Puts MD’s Patients and Practice Future in Good Hands.

Plastic surgery and eye care do not seem to have many crossovers, but they have a lot more in common than seems evident at first blush. “I’m in a special position, a facial plastic surgeon joining an eye specialist group,” Stephen Prendiville, MD, says. From injectable wrinkle fillers to blepharoplasty, he performs a number of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries focusing on eye and facial aesthetics in Prendiville Plastic Surgery in Fort Myers, Florida.

When the time came to sell his independent practice, there were a lot of concerns running through his mind. “It isn’t merely a financial transaction. I wanted to maintain autonomy and a clinical environment that is dedicated to quality patient care,” he says. One option he considered was identifying the right young professional to share ownership. But that process could take years, and Dr. Prendiville wanted to continue seeing his patients through the transition.

With Quigley Eye Specialists, Dr. Prendiville found a partner with which he could trust his practice and ensure that his patients would receive the same support and care. “The benefits of having a larger network, high-quality physicians, a great referral base and marketing strength add value to my practice, giving it a strong position in the community,” he says. Dr. Prendiville can continue doing what he loves and running a successful practice, but with “fewer responsibilities and fewer headaches with HR problems, and that’s a good thing,” he says.

“The net is a gain. Ophthalmology and facial plastic surgery work well together,” Dr. Prendiville says.