Three Characteristics We Look for—and One We Don’t

Like-Minded Colleagues

Three Characteristics We Look for—and One We Don’t

By Mark Quigley, CEO

Quigley Eye Specialists pursues growth—intentionally. Our business development team does not look to add practices just for the sake of announcing another acquisition. The formula that has fueled our growth is that we uphold high standards in deciding which practices will fit well in the Quigley Eye family.

Here are three of the characteristics we look for:

  • The best of the best. Eye care professionals who see themselves, their care, their staff, their facilities and their dedication to patients as above par—those are the professionals with whom we want to align. Simply put—those are the professionals who are already part of Quigley Eye Specialists, so we want to maintain those standards. The goal is to create a larger pool of like-minded eye care professionals who share best practices and a commitment to quality patient care. We all benefit from the company we keep.
  • A good cultural fit. Practitioners who fit in the category above often have a great office culture. Staff members like their work and feel appreciated. Associate doctors feel that they have opportunities for career advancement. Patients can certainly sense when a team works together well.
  • Location. In order for us to bring maximum efficiency to a practice, it will need to be in the vicinity. For now, our infrastructure hubs have been developed for Florida. We can bring financial stability, buying power, HR resources, administrative support and software systems and more to practices in the state.

In our searches, size is not a factor. That surprises many eye care professionals because they assume that private equity companies want the largest companies. We have taken on practices that have from one to 50 providers. If we can bring efficiencies, it’s a good cultural and philosophical fit and can help us expand services to eye care patients in Florida, we’re interested in a conversation.