Living Our Mission

The Season of Giving and Giving Back

By Thomas A. Quigley, MD, Founder, Quigley Eye Specialists

As we approach the end of the year, our thoughts turn to family, friends, our communities and those less fortunate than us.

At Quigley Eye, we emphasize our mission of service to the community throughout the year, and it really shines through at this time. For example, we call our patients “guests” when they are in the office because we want them to have a unique and fulfilling experience when they come here. Just as I would stand to greet a guest who comes into my home, our team members stand to greet guests who walk through our doors. We address them by name, and we look them in the eye. These details help put our patients at ease and make them feel like the special guests they are.

Our team members exemplify this attitude. One of our communities had a wide power failure. A patient called and reached a technician who was on call. He explained that the electricity was out, he didn’t feel safe driving and he could not fill his prescription. Our technician found the one Walgreens that was operating on generator power, picked up the prescription and delivered it herself. That’s commitment and a special value.

In another incident, an older guest had the embarrassing situation of soiling himself in our bathroom. One of our team members took it upon herself to run out and purchase a clean pair of pants. The guest wasn’t charged for this service. Allowing people to maintain their dignity is an important part of showing every person how much we value them.

It is that positive attitude that carries us through our day-to-day work and our mission in general. Over the years, Quigley Eye has donated physician services for more than 2,000 surgeries for those who couldn’t pay. As a team, we support Toys for Tots, local fire departments and others who keep our communities strong. This attitude resonates with our employees who rally behind our cause.

In 2022 and beyond, we will continue to serve our guests and our communities—and in doing so, we support each other and maintain Quigley Eye’s reputation as a compassionate organization dedicated to the highest levels of patient care and service.