Living Our Mission

A Culture of Caring

By Thomas A. Quigley, MD, Founder, Quigley Eye Specialists

As is true of so many health care professionals, we come into medicine—and specifically into eye care—because we want to help improve patients’ lives and vision. Some of you may have heard my personal story; my sister had uveitis in her youth. Watching her suffer and eventually lose her vision to this disease was clearly a defining moment in my career development.

Patients entrust us with their eye care. The root word of trust is core to our values. And it applies not only to a wide variety of practice specialties but also to the team we have created. As Quigley Eye Specialists expands and as we continue to seek eye care professionals who want to be part of our network, trust remains at the forefront of all we do.

More than 40 dedicated and committed ophthalmologists and optometrists have entrusted us as an organization to help support them as they deliver care to the communities we serve. Just as we are grateful for the patients who seek us out, we are equally committed to the practitioners who see value, professionalism and dedication in our organization.