Is Quigley Eye Specialists the Right Fit for You?

Planning for the Future

Is Quigley Eye Specialists the Right Fit for You?

By Frances Wilhelm, Vice President of Marketing and Development

Quigley Eye Specialists expands by being selective in its search for practice partners. Today, there are 42 eye care specialists, 24 clinics and five surgery centers under the umbrella of Quigley Health Services. Recent doctors who have joined Quigley Eye Specialists have said that the top factors in their decision were the ability to maintain autonomy, a clinical environment dedicated to the highest levels of patient care, sharing the leadership’s philosophy on patient care and the financial package.

Most of these physicians who merge their practices into Quigley Eye want to stay involved with their practices; and we want that, too. They’ve shown themselves to be competitive and efficient. Patients choose these providers for their eye care because the providers are trusted members of the community. Why would Quigley Eye want to change that?

These eye care professionals are also deeply committed to their patients, and they want to see these patients through any transition and beyond. Quigley Eye wants to build on what is already good.

For practice owners who are thinking of selling, we encourage you to talk to us—and our doctors. The sale isn’t simply a financial transaction, so take the time to ask about the executive team’s approach and philosophy. Ask doctors in the network how they’ve been able to maintain autonomy and been supported in building the practice. Then you’ll have a sense of whether the partnership is right for you.

The goal with a private equity partnership should be to create a win-win for everyone—patients, practice owners, physicians, staff and Quigley Eye. Our partnerships have made us stronger and fueled our growth. If you’re interested in seeing how your practice might fit with the Quigley Eye Specialists, send us a message.