Joining Network Brings Peace of Mind and Greater Collegiality

Smooth Transition

Joining Network Brings Peace of Mind and Greater Collegiality

Beraja Medical Institute was a well-established and respected practice when it became part of the Quigley Eye Specialists network about one year ago, recalls Juan Fernandez de Castro, MD, but the shift has had a noticeable impact already with even more expected.

The merger created Quigley Eye Specialists’ first presence in the Miami-Dade area, but Dr. Fernandez de Castro knew of some of the other physicians in the network from the time he had spent working on Florida’s west coast. He knew he was joining esteemed colleagues, and he looks forward to opportunities to meet with them in the future. Physicians in the network share best practice strategies to provide high-quality care to patients throughout more of Florida.

As a larger organization, Quigley Eye brings opportunities for staff members and even doctors. Dr. Fernandez de Castro says that some staff members have had a chance to advance into positions with other Quigley practices or in the corporate support area. It becomes easier to bring highly talented eye care professionals into the practice because they sense that there are more opportunities for them in a larger group.

“Most of all, the biggest difference we felt before and after the merger was a peace of mind,” says Dr. Fernandez de Castro. The administrative tasks and the worry about COVID-19 practices, protocols and the impact on the practice were not carried solely by the practice owners and the physicians on the team. “Now we were backed by an organization that has proven itself successful.”