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Strategic Investment Designed to
Improve Practice Performance Operations

You have invested everything into your practice. Now it’s time to take it to the next level by partnering with Quigley Health Services. We are a world-class company ready to invest in your practice with top technologies, advanced medicine, profit centric marketing, trend-setting patient advocacy, and industry leading practice administration.

Did You Know?

Your practice can benefit Quigley Health Services’ proven manegarial and financial platform.
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Just like you, Quigley Health Services believes that compassionate care should be the cornerstone philosophy for all eye care physicians. Our partnership will ensure that compassionate care continues with your current patients plus increase your practice’s capacity. We are very proud of the successful partnerships developed with amazing practices throughout Florida as we grow our statewide portfolio.
Quigley Health Services has built a strong foundation with successful investors, accomplished executives, and highly experienced physicians. As a partner you will experience tremendous benefits via a proven managerial and financial platform that’s custom designed for maximum profitability.
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Your Parntership Benefits.
Partnership Strength

Quigley Health Services strengthens its partners with a highly dedicated and proven executive team plus a financially advantageous partnership with New Harbor Capital, an experienced, lower middle-market private equity firm that seeks to partner with growth-minded, founder-owned companies.

Your Equity
It’s time to find a seat at the table and join the big-ticket owners taking advantage of a wave of industry consolidation. Future equity value is assured because of risk diversification and your investment in what you know best.
Your Growth
Fully developed and proven marketing strategies focused on controlled and sustained growth will increase market share. All backed by a solid team and successful processes.
Practice Leadership
The existing management structure of each partner practice is respected and treated as unique. Depending on the situation you may have the option of maintaining clinical autonomy or we can “turn on the light switch” for an immediate transition.
Industry Know-How
Quigley Health Services is an expert in the eye care industry. We understand the every-changing nature of the healthcare landscape.
The Future is Now
There is no need to dream about having the most technologically advanced equipment because the moment we become partners, you will start to become an eye care provider with the top technology available.
Statewide Presence
Your practice will benefit from becoming part of a growing state-wide network of highly respected and successful eyecare practices. Practice efficiencies and buying power will become better than ever.
Efficiency Upgrades
You will benefit from a partnership program which expertly mixes proven systems with the most modern ideas to ensure all patients receive the best level of care. An efficiency upgrade is achieved by developed customized solutions.
Career Investment
The core of our success is wrapped up by the amazing physicians, technicians and administrative professionals who work, every day, to provide patients the best eye care. Investment in all team member careers is of the highest priority.

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