Working at Quigley Eye Specialists

Experiencing a Wide Scope of Optometry

Fresh out of completing her ocular disease residency, Maria Martinez, OD, aspired to work in a clinic with a medical emphasis that also offered her a great work/life balance.

Growing up, earning her degrees and completing her residency in Florida, Dr. Martinez did not want to stray away from the warm climate. When a Quigley member doctor referred her for a position at Beraja Medical Institute in Coral Gables, Florida, she accepted an interview process to learn more about the company and its values. As someone who prioritizes the quality of patient care, Dr. Martinez felt that Quigley’s values and goals were a perfect place to foster growth. “Rather than having short interactions, I wanted to connect with each patient and learn more about them, and I felt I could achieve that with Quigley,” she says.

Unlike her peers who envision themselves opening a private practice, Dr. Martinez was attracted to Quigley due to its robust organizational network, which consists of both ODs and MDs. “I interact with the MDs on a daily basis, which has helped me build great relationships and expand my knowledge,” she says.

Applying her knowledge of ocular disease, Dr. Martinez has a daily routine that includes a little bit of everything. From co-managing refractive and cataract surgery to prescribing contact lenses, she gets to experience a wide scope of optometry, which is exactly what she wished for. “I love that I get to experience something new every day and continue developing as a physician,” she says.